Words of Love, Light & Spiritual Wisdom

Words of Love, Light & Spiritual Wisdom

Amma Kanti Ji: Serving the Global Community with her Light of Love

The main basis of success in Service and in the ascending stage of the self is to have unbreakable love for the one Father: means to have the Father in your thoughts, in your words and in your actions.

When a soul merged in such love speaks even one word, then that word filled with love ties other souls in that love too. One word spoken by a soul merged in love performs magic. Such a soul becomes a Spiritual Magician.

Amma Kanti Ji

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VirtuesPosted by TheWriter Tue, June 07, 2011 23:56:43


Virtue for today: GENEROSITY

It is giving and sharing.

It means to give but not with an idea of receiving anything in return.

It is seeing an opportunity to share what you have and then

just giving for the joy of giving.

APPLICATION: I practice generosity when I

** Give fully without holding back.

**Am willing to make sacrifices for others.

** Use wisdom about sharing treasured belongings.

Affirmation: I am generous.

I look for opportunities to give and to share.

I give freely, fully and cheerfully.

© Amma Kanti Ji*

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