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Posted by TheWriter Wed, June 08, 2011 00:15:04


Virtue for today: JUSTICE

It is being fair in everything you do..

It is standing up for your own rights and the rights of other people. It

means that every person’s rights are protected.

APPLICATION: I practice Justice when I...

** Own up my mistakes and accept the consequences.

** Refuse to prejudge-see people as individuals.

** Avoid gossiping and backbiting.

AFFIRMATION: I act with justice.

I investigate the truth for myself in forming my opinions.

I stand up for the rights of others apart from the rights of myself.

© Amma Kanti Ji*


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Virtue for today: ORDERLINESS

It is being neat and living with a

sense of harmony. It means learning something so that it works. It is doing

something step by step, staying on track instead of going in circles.

APPLICATION: I practice ORDERLINESS when I...** Have a plan before I start

any job. **Have a place to put each of my belongings.** Solve problems step

by step.

AFFIRMATION: I live this day with order. I do things step by step. I create

beauty and harmony in my space and in my life.

© Amma Kanti Ji*


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Virtue for today: CARING

It is to give love and attention to people and things that matter to you.

When we care for someone you notice how they feel and they need.

It is a special way of paying attention.

APPLICATION: I practice CARING when I...

**.Am gentle with anything or anyone placed in my care.

** Give people help when they need it.

** Work with enthusiasm and excellence.

AFFIRMATION: I care for others and myself.

I pay loving attention to the needs of people and animals.

I give my best to every job.

© Amma Kanti Ji*